Wilderness and Emergency Medicine at Leicester

We're Leicester's wilderness and emergency medicine society, a friendly bunch of outdoorsy people who run sessions on practical aspects of pre-hospital, wilderness and emergency medicine for everyone from years one to five.

What would you do if you were the first person on the scene at a road traffic collision? A friend collapses in front of you? You witness a child having a serious allergic reaction in a local cafe? Our pre-hospital and emergency medicine sessions are here to give you the knowledge you need.

And come with us on social trips out and about around the Midlands!

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Events and Trips

We run the ever-popular Intro to Emergency Medicine course, plus regular events and trips like our Wilderness Medicine Weekend, Refugee Camp Simulation game and camping/hiking trips all over the UK!

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LWEMS run regular teaching sessions including lectures, small group workshops, practical skills and simulation. These sessions are open to all medical students and allied health students (nursing, midwifery, physio, ODP) at the University of Leicester.

Slides and recordings from all our sessions are posted online. You'll also find a variety of blog posts and infographics to help with your EM learning.

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