Basics of ED Revision Series

Join our Basics of ED series to revise some of the core concepts of emergency medicine and common emergency presentations within different specialties. We'll focus on different specialties or acute presentations for each session!

Join the sessions using the teams links, don't forget to add the next session to your calendar for a reminder! You can watch the talks back and get further resources by clicking on the relevant session below to aid in your revision.

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23rd March 20237pmMicrosoft Teams

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1. Chest Pain

The ED doctor's bread and butter. Revise common causes of acute chest pain.

Recordings and slides

2. Neurology

Learn about common neurological emergencies, such as haemorrhage and status epilepticus.

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3. Gastrointestinal

Revise key causes of the acute abdomen, from appendicits to varices.

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4. Endocrine and Metabolic

Learn about endocrine and metabolic emergencies, such as DKA and adrenal crisis.

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5. Paediatric Emergencies

Important paediatric emergencies including seizures, respiratory distress and sepsis.

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6. Reversible Causes of Cardiac Arrest

From hypoxia to tamponade... learn the 4 Hs and 4 Ts of cardiac arrest!

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7. Shock

Join the session on 23rd March 2023 at 7pm.

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  • Mental health emergencies
  • Clerking and assessment in ED
  • Respiratory distress and the airway