LWEMS for Alumni and Professionals

Were you a member of LWEMS, or on our committee, when you were a medical student? Stay part of the society by getting involved in events and trips. We'd love to hear where your career has taken you! Drop us an email at hello@lwems.co.uk and don't forget to follow us on social media to stay involved!

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Got an event idea?

If you have an idea for an event you think LWEMS would be perfect for, let us know. Contact us to discuss further.

We can run all sorts of events from seminars/lectures to outdoor wilderness simulations and trips!

Many doctors and allied health professionals want to get involved in teaching medical students. We can provide:

  • a venue
  • all the equipment you need
  • management of student sign-ups/advertising
  • admin support, including risk assessments and insurance

So all you need to do is focus on delivering a great session!

What do you get?

Anyone who does teaching for LWEMS will receive a certificate and written statement for their professional development portfolio (PDP). Student feedback from the event will be collected and collated for you too. Subject to approval we can also provide reimbursement for travel and other expenses linked to the event.


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